What we do

Just Words is comprised of experienced translators and interpreters who share a commitment to social, economic, and environmental justice. We are building a worker-owned cooperative organized on the principle of equitable distribution of work, resources, and responsibilities. Our objectives include supporting migrants, community-based organizations, innovative companies working for ecological sustainability, and other individuals and groups that share our vision by offering a range of language-related services, including pro bono work as needed. These services include translation, interpreting, editing, subtitling, and writing. We believe that we can achieve these goals while building and maintaining an equitable and sustainable working environment that recognizes the value of the work that we do. At the moment, our members work in English, Spanish, German, and Catalan, however were are eager to bring in people who work in other languages too (including non-European languages). If you're interested in joining us, send us a message via our contact form.

How we work

In acknowledgement of the reality of income inequality, we offer sliding scale rates whenever possible. At the same time, as a workers collective we honor translation and interpreting as a profession and recognize the importance of paying a competitive wage. Sliding scale and volunteer services as an interim measure allow us to work with small businesses and nonprofits that are slowly building translation costs into tight budgets over time. In accordance with our mission, we also network with volunteers and seek grants to help individuals and community groups have access to translation services that would be otherwise unaffordable. Please email us at info@justwordscoop.net to inquire about our sliding scale options.

Who we are

Jocelyn Langer

Jocelyn Langer is a Spanish teacher and translator, with a focus on medical translation and interpretation, educational texts, and translation and interpreting for social justice movements. She manages collaborative translation projects and facilitates connections between translators and community groups seeking translation. Jocelyn also specializes in plain language editing and messaging for advertising and outreach materials.

Administrative Team

Joe Keady

Joe Keady has been a working German- and Spanish-to-English translator since 2008. He mostly handles legal and technical documents as well as ad copy. He has also been subtitling film and video releases since 2016, beginning with his work at the in-house subtitler at the DEFA Film Library in Amherst, Massachusetts. Additionally, he is a member of the editorial collective for Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation.

Elena Igartuburu

Elena Igartuburu (PhD.) is an experienced translator and interpreter working in English, Spanish, Catalan, and French. She has worked in a variety of fields in both areas, from the translation of academic texts and conference interpreting to legal and medical interpreting. Currently, she specializes in theater translation while working consistently interpreting in Western Mass.

Ania Micińska

Ania Micińska, currently residing in Western MA, is a Polish-English translator specializing in arts and humanities. She has worked as an editor and in-house translator for Culture.pl, an online publication focused on promoting Polish culture worldwide. She has translated multiple art books and albums for major cultural institutions in Poland. She also has experience translating film scripts, marketing campaigns, and academic papers.

Liana Foxvog is a Spanish-English interpreter experienced in working with unions, worker centers, cooperatives, and immigrant rights groups. Her approach is informed by Roberto Tijerina’s Interpreting for Social Justice workshop for community interpreters and two decades of involvement in the global justice movement. She has coordinated interpreter teams for up to seven simultaneous languages at international conferences. Liana holds a Master’s degree in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Liana Foxvog


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