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The Just Words Translators & Interpreters Collective offers a variety of language-related services in Spanish, German, English, French, and other languages. Our members work collaboratively in order to provide accessible, high quality work. To learn more about our services and rates, please contact us using our contact form or email us at

To request interpreting services, please fill out the service request form at THIS LINK. You can find our interpreting request form in Spanish here.

To request any other services, including written translations, editing, writing, proofreading, subtitling, and transcription, please fill out the services request form at THIS LINKYou can find our service request form in Spanish here.

Our Languages

Currently our members are able to provide all of our services in English and Spanish. Translation, subtitling, editing, proofreading and writing are additionally available in Polish and German.

Text Translation


We live in an interconnected world that relies on text as a means of daily communication. Between us, our members have decades of experience translating legal, technical, medical, scientific, and personal documents, as well as literature (including poetry and theatre), academic writing, and memoirs.


Our Services



Our interpreters provide both simultaneous interpretation (using interpreting equipment as someone is speaking) and consecutive interpreting (speaker pauses for translation). Currently our team of interpreters is available for in-person events in Western Massachusetts and sometimes other parts of the state, as well as for remote interpreting via video call. We focus on interpreting for conferences and social justice or grassroots community events.



Subtitles make audiovisual materials accessible both to people who may not be proficient in the source language as well as people with difficulty hearing and are therefore an absolute necessity for film and video production. Just Words members have subtitled feature films, documentaries, and other video productions for both public and private viewing. In addition, we also have experience doing voice-overs for a variety of audiovisual projects from documentary films to video essays.



Just Words members have experience writing journalistic articles, academic essays, blog posts, ad copy, and an array of other styles and formats. We can work with you to create texts to meet a variety of needs and also edit them in-house so that you receive a final version that is ready for publication.



In addition to standard proofreading, we also customize our approach to consider regional language variants: if a text is targeting an audience from a particular region or country, we aim to have it proofread by native speakers from that area. If it is designed to reach all speakers of a given language language worldwide, we aim to have it proofread by native speakers from a variety of places.



We provide editing and proofreading services in English as well as a variety of other languages. Clients can customize their editing requests to focus on specific issues. In addition to editing for accuracy, length, content, and consistency, we can edit to convey a certain style, voice, or tone and customize to address a particular audience using plain language guidelines to hit the right register for each text.


Equipment Rental

We have a set of interpretation equipment available for rent to community groups that do simultaneous interpretation in Western Massachusetts.



We can turn your digital audio recording into text for your records, website, or film project. We can also include time stamps, upon request.

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